A Cold Winter's Day

Siren Publishing
Genre Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Bear Shifter, Elf
Series Book 25 in the Brac Pack Series
Release Date February 18, 2012

Malcolm Lakeland has watched most of his sons find their mates. He never thought a day would come when he would find one of his own. Leaving the rec center on a cold winter’s day, Malcolm hears a baby crying in the bed of his truck. When he also finds a half-frozen man, who happens to be his mate, Malcolm hurries them inside.

Luke is on the run. The leader of his tribe wants him dead and wants his son, Cole. Luke has no idea why Shanta is gunning for him, but he finds refuge in the arms of the largest bear he’s ever laid eyes on.

As the two discover their love for one another, the leader of the wood elves shimmers in and kidnaps Luke, leaving a devastated Malcolm to find him. Can Malcolm find Luke in time, or will the leader finally get his hands on Cole?


Malcolm walked out of the rec center, feeling sore in places he hadn’t known existed. How long had it been since he played basketball? Forever. He prided himself on knowing how to have fun with the kids, but they had so much energy that he felt old as dirt.

He climbed into his truck, grimacing at the pain shooting through his body. He was looking forward to a hot bath and a cold pack. They had run him up and down those courts for hours. Maverick had made him the referee, but after the competition had ended, the other boys challenged him to a game.

Just because he was tall and built like a damn quarterback didn’t mean he could run with the young ones. His damn knees hurt! Malcolm steered the truck toward home, wondering why Maverick had asked him to join them today. It was an odd request, one he wasn’t going to turn down, but one of his sons would have done just fine.
Why him?

And he hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to the alpha about D’s brothers the whole time he had been there. The games had kept him busy, and toward the end, Maverick had to leave.

Once he worked out all of the kinks in his body, he was going to drive over to the alpha’s home and have a long talk with him about D’s brothers. He had to make it known to the alpha that what the vampire had done wasn’t intentional. He had been raised to believe that shifters and vampires couldn’t mate—even though the squirrely guy lived under the same roof with Tater and Olsen.

Malcolm pushed the problem from his mind for the moment. There wasn’t anything he could do about it for the time being, and he was more concerned with the damn crimp in his back. A hot bath should cure all his ills.

He knew shifting into his bear form would knock them out, but Malcolm did love his hot baths on cold winter days. There was just something about them.

As he pulled into the drive, Malcolm could have sworn he heard a cub crying. It was low, barely audible, and gone within seconds.

The truck came to a stop in front of the house as Malcolm listened closely, but hadn’t heard the noise repeat itself. He shrugged. Maybe he was more tired than he thought. He climbed out of the truck and slammed the door, then stilled.

There it was again.

Only this time the crying was louder, with a higher pitch. Malcolm listened intently as he followed the sound to the back of his truck. He wasn’t sure what was in the bed of his truck, but whatever it was, it wasn’t supposed to be there.

His claws came out as he rose to his full height, preparing for a fight as he let the tailgate down. What he saw stunned him. Rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn’t seeing things, Malcolm looked again.
They were still there.

A man lay in the bed of his truck, curled around a crying infant. The stranger made no move toward Malcolm. He almost looked frozen.

Without thought, Malcolm reached in and scooped the guy into his arms, making sure the babe was secure in the man’s arms before he rushed up the front steps and shouldered the front door open.

“Someone get up here now!” he bellowed as he climbed the steps two at a time. Malcolm headed straight into his bedroom. The man in his arms was freezing cold. He worried that the cub was frozen as well. He gently laid the man down and began to cover him with heavy blankets, and then he gently pried the screaming babe from the man’s arms.

“Shit!” Malcolm quickly grabbed a blanket from the back of his lounge chair and wrapped the cub, turning the blanket into a cocoon as he tried to warm the young child. The cub’s lips were blue, just like the stranger’s.

“What’s going on?” Riley asked as he burst into the bedroom. He skidded to a halt, his eyes wide as he took in the scene before him. “Who the hell are they?”

Malcolm rubbed his hands over the cocoon, trying his best to warm the cub’s entire body as quickly as he could. He knew that if the blood rushed back to the babe’s heart too fast, the cub was at risk for a heart attack. “I don’t know, but we need to get some warm milk into the cub. He’s freezing.”

Riley nodded as he shot out of Malcolm’s room. Malcolm paced his bedroom as he tried desperately to quiet the screaming infant. The cub was his first priority. He was too young to fend for himself. It was up to Malcolm to make sure he warmed up and was fed.

“This is all we had.” Riley came back into the bedroom. “It’s cow’s milk, but it’s warm.”

Malcolm stared at the rubber glove filled with cow’s milk. His son had been very inventive. He’d give him that. “Thanks.”

Malcolm lifted the rubber glove to his mouth and nicked one of the fingers with his canine. He placed the index finger of the glove to the cub’s mouth, watching him latch onto it instantly. The whelp drank greedily, taking in air through his nose as he drained the glove in no time flat.

“Go get him some more.”

Riley nodded and headed back out the bedroom. The cub had quieted down, sucking his fist as he lay in Malcolm’s massive arms.

“Who are you, babe?” he asked the whelp as he cooed at him.


Malcolm growled as he pulled Luke up and then turned, placing his mate underneath him. He lined his cock up, ready to claim the imp when Luke’s eyes grew wide and he shoved at Malcolm’s chest.

Malcolm immediately pulled back as he tilted his head. “Did you change your mind about being claimed?” It would devastate Malcolm, but he wouldn’t force Luke to be claimed. He wanted his mate willingly or not at all.

“No.” Luke shook his head. “First off, how in the hell are you hard so fast? Secondly, lube, babe, and a good stretching wouldn’t hurt. Well, not stretching would hurt, actually.”

Malcolm had never fucked a man before and knew he had a lot to learn. He wasn’t so old that he wasn’t willing to have Luke teach him what he needed to know. Thankfully he was a quick learner. Show him once and Luke was going to be begging as he shouted Malcolm’s name.

Malcolm had no doubt about that.

He reached into his drawer and grabbed the well-used bottle of lube. It was well used for masturbation, but that was it. He handed the bottle to Luke, waiting for his mate to show him the ropes. It felt strange not being in control, not knowing what he was doing. Malcolm was a strong, capable man that took on any task and excelled at it, yet here he knelt without a clue. He growled inwardly at the lack of knowledge.

But he wouldn’t be clueless for long. Not after tonight.

Luke plucked the bottle from his hand and turned over onto his hands and knees. “Since it seems you’re new at this, watch and learn, babe.”

Malcolm leaned back and watched as Luke lubed his fingers and then slowly inserted them into his ass. Malcolm’s jaw dropped as he watched Luke’s ass suck each finger in, almost refusing to let it go. His cock was throbbing at the sight. Luke’s long, lithe fingers were shiny as one lone finger slid into his ass. Malcolm leaned forward, nipping one cheek and then the other. Luke groaned as a second finger pushed its way in. He was fascinated by the sight.

Malcolm ran his hands over Luke’s ass, watching his mate stretch himself.

“Bear with me. It’s been a very long time.”

“Take your time, hon. I’m enjoying the show.” And he was. It was erotic as hell and an image Malcolm would never thought to have conjured in his mind. He ran the tips of his fingers over Luke’s as a third finger joined the others. He could feel the lube on Luke’s hand and used some to rim around the stretched muscle.

Malcolm ran his fingers over Luke’s stretched hole, letting one of his fingers dip in alongside his mate’s fingers into the silkiness of his mate’s body. He never imagined such a thing existed.

“Lube your hand if you’re going to play back there.” Luke removed his fingers and tossed the bottle at Malcolm.
He grabbed the bottle in midair as he removed his finger and squeezed a large amount onto his hand. His fingers were a lot larger than Luke’s, and he didn’t want to bring his mate any pain.

Using two fingers, Malcolm sunk them deep, feeling his cock jerk in approval as he moved his wrist around. With just two fingers, he stretched Luke wider than Luke had with all three of his fingers.

“More,” Luke begged as Malcolm added a third. He was amazed that Luke’s body accommodated all three. The skin stretched around the intrusion, as he watched them glide in and out of Luke’s body. His cock was iron hard, the flesh heated as it throbbed. He could imagine what it was going to feel like to sink into that amazing hole.

“Now your cock,” Luke begged. “Please.”

Malcolm lubed his cock and then wiped his hand off on the sheet. He centered his cock to Luke’s hole, exhaling deeply as he worked his way into Luke’s body. Even with the stretching the fit was tight.

His eyes slammed closed as his body convulsed with indescribable pleasure. When his shaft was buried deeply inside of Luke, Malcolm stilled for a moment, taking in the feel of Luke’s body wrapped around him. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He slowly opened his eyes and stared down at his mate. Luke looked good underneath him, his slim back smooth and creamy.

Leaning forward, Malcolm licked a long path down Luke’s spine as he placed his hands on Luke’s hips and began to rock oh so slowly. He wanted this to last for as long as it could, but he also feared that if he moved too fast, he would hurt Luke.

Malcolm was built a lot thicker, and stronger than his mate.

“Malcolm, move faster and harder. Believe me, I can take it.” Luke whimpered.

Malcolm took Luke at his word as he began to move quicker, pushing his cock deeper into Luke’s giving body. The maelstrom of sensations shot through him as his body collided with Luke’s. His bear was roaring, fighting to get free as Malcolm thrust harder inside of Luke.

“Oh fuck,” he murmured as Luke’s hole milked his cock. It was better than he had ever dreamed being with a man would be. It was even better knowing that it was his mate he was fucking. The thought had him speeding toward the edge, threatening to fall over as he looked down and watched his heavy shaft work its way in and out of Luke’s ass.

“Yes, gods, yes,” Luke’s voice became louder the harder Malcolm fucked him. He growled, determined to give Luke a night to remember.