Christian's Coven 1

Christian's Menace

Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, vampires
Release Date: October 15, 2011


Minsheng and Yasuko are wary of strangers, especially those who have fangs. Kidnapped from their home country, the two try desperately to find their place in their new lives. Minsheng is angry and bitter over the ordeal he has suffered through. Yasuko is still so naïve.

Christian finally meets his mates in Pride Pack Valley, but the two may be more than what he’s bargained for. They reluctantly agree to come home with him. Christian has his hands full when he takes them to his club, The Manacle.

Can Christian stop Yasuko from continually venturing into the back rooms where he’s already been mistakenly collared, and can he convince Minsheng that loving a man can be a beautiful thing when it’s him and Yasuko showing Minsheng the way?

Trouble finds them when someone is out to take over as prince, and Christian must protect his mates from the evil that lurks just outside The Manacle.

Story Excerpt

Yasuko couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Never in his life had he witnessed anything like this. There were people dressed in black, some with chains hanging from them, some with piercings all over their faces.

Woman and men wore black lipstick and some of the people had their hair standing straight up in spikes. He was in awe. Yasuko walked up to one man with a glowing piece of plastic around his neck.

How did he get it to glow? Yasuko’s attention was quickly pulled away as another man walked by with a dog collar around his neck. His fingers lifted, feeling how bare his own neck was. He wanted one of those glowing plastic pieces.

Yasuko followed behind a man who had a dog collar and a chain hanging from it. Was he expecting someone to walk him? His vision caught the flashing red and white lines of light cutting across the interior. They bounced from wall to wall, splashing everyone in its path.

The music was heavy, making Yasuko want to slowly sway his hips. Since being here in America, he’d only seen the inside of the building he was whored out in, and then the inside of Zeus’s home after that. He visited the town, but they didn’t have anything like this.

Not even back home in Japan had he witnessed something like this. It was a whole new world to Yasuko, one he intended to thoroughly explore. A man grabbed his wrist, pulling him into the dance area.

Yasuko looked around, watching how everyone danced and then began to mirror them. His body felt alive for the very first time. He felt like a prisoner who had just been freed. Yasuko’s hands skimmed his body, imitating the man in front of him.

“You dance lovely, pretty little one,” the man said as he circled around Yasuko. “I may just keep you. You’re too pretty to have just one drink.”

Yasuko had no clue what he was talking about. All he knew was that he felt like his body was on fire. His hands came up as they ran through his hair, his lips parting.

“Damn, baby.” The man’s eyes slowly scanned Yasuko’s body from head to toe, and then back up again. That was when he noticed the glowing red eyes.

“You’re a vampire,” he stated.

“Intelligent to boot.” The man chuckled. “Why don’t you come with me? I can take really good care of you.”

“Because,” a deep voice sounded behind him, “he’s with me.”

“Prince.” The man backed away as his eyes lowered. “Forgive me. I did not know.”

Yasuko looked up at Christian. The man was so damn handsome. “I want to dance.” He jumped slightly when the entire room turned to look at him. It was an eerie thing to witness. Christian stood there motionless, looking over the crowd. All at once, everyone’s head bowed and then looked away from him.

“Then dance, my doe. No one is going to bother you again,” Christian whispered into Yasuko’s ear. “I’ll be over at the bar with Minsheng, trying to make him smile.” He pointed behind him as Yasuko’s gaze followed.

Minsheng was sitting on a stool glaring at them. He was surprised the man wasn’t over here pulling him away.

“He won’t.” Christian smiled at him. The vampire took one step to his side, blocking Minsheng from his view. Christian straightened, using his index finger to lift Yasuko’s chin. His eyes glanced up at the handsome man standing before him. “You are very beautiful, Yasuko.”

He could feel his cheeks heating under Christian’s compliment. Yasuko desperately wanted Christian to lean down again and kiss him, but not on the forehead this time. “Thank you.” Just one kiss.

“Soon.” Christian smiled down at him. “Very soon, little doe.” When Christian’s thumb ran over his bottom lip, Yasuko began to pant. Small intakes of breath were all he could manage. His tongue darted out to taste the salty tip of the Christian thumb.

The vampire’s nostrils flared as his gaze turned heated. “You tempt me, little minx. Dance for now. Have fun.”

Yasuko watched Christian’s back as he walked through the crowd, his flowing black hair touching his shoulders. He felt paralyzed for a moment. His cock was hard as steel, and his body itched to be touched.

Dance, little doe. Dance for me.

Yasuko blinked and then looked around. He had heard Christian, but he was nowhere in sight.

I can still see you, Yasuko.

Yasuko giggled. Whatever it was that made him hear the handsome man, he liked it. His body once again took up the dance he had previously abandoned. His hips swayed to the music, but this time, no one approached him.

He became lost as his body followed its own beat. His mind opened up as his hands rose above his head. His eyes closed as Yasuko danced.

He was alive.

Alive for the very first time.

Adult Excerpt

Yasuko’s breath hitched as his hands covered Christian’s. “Make love to me.”

Christian couldn’t deny such a request. He had wanted Yasuko from the moment he had laid eyes on him. The man was an irresistible dream.

Christian kissed Yasuko, bending him backwards until Yasuko’s shoulders touched satin and Christian was hovering over him. His clothes disappeared, along with Yasuko’s. He had always loved that little trick of his. But more so now that he had his mate under him. Christian hissed when Yasuko moved down the bed until he was kissing Christian’s cock.

His sharp fangs lengthened as soft and moist lips wrapped around his cock. Christian turned to the side, giving his mate room to rock his fucking world, and that was exactly what Yasuko was doing.

Christian ran his hands through Yasuko’s hair, gently tugging as his hips snapped in short bursts. Christian reached down and flipped Yasuko around, taking his cock into his mouth. The pleasure of sucking and being sucked made Christian feel alive. He had to be careful though. His fangs were at full length, able to do much damage.

He lapped at the mushroomed head, licking the pre-cum that was leaking out like a river of ambrosia. Yasuko had to be made just for him. He tasted too damn good. Christian traced the vein running down the side of Yasuko’s cock, his teeth aching to sink into it.

Christian lapped down to Yasuko’s sac, drawing each orb into his mouth. When he parted Yasuko’s cheeks and saw the beautiful star, he knew he had to be buried deep inside of it when he came.

He lapped at it, getting it good and wet before inserting a finger. Yasuko jerked and moaned. Christian went back to sucking Yasuko’s cock as he inserted one finger after another. When three fingers fit, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

“On your back, love.”

Yasuko released Christian’s cock, lying down and spreading his legs wide. Damn if that wasn’t an inviting invitation. Christian grabbed the lube from under his pillow and prepared Yasuko’s tight ass for his length.

Christian lubed his cock and then lined it up, his eyes rolling back as he breached his mate. He grabbed Yasuko’s legs, tossing them over his shoulders as he grabbed his mate’s hips. The tight-fisted feeling had him breathing raggedly.

He looked down into Yasuko’s eyes, seeing the trust his mate was giving him. Christian rocked in and out of Yasuko, turning his head and kissing Yasuko’s calf.

Christian heard the bedroom door open and close and knew Minsheng had arrived. He continued to thrust inside of Yasuko, waiting to see what his short soldier was going to do. Surprise couldn’t even begin to describe how he felt when Minsheng climbed onto the bed naked, taking Yasuko’s lips with his.

“Does it feel good?” Minsheng murmured to Yasuko.

“Yes,” Yasuko hissed as he lifted his hips higher. Christian’s senses left him when he felt Minsheng’s fingers breach him. He leaned forward, kissing Yasuko down his neck as Minsheng prepared him.

He’d had more than one lover in his bed over the centuries, but the thought of these two being his mates made Christian’s head spin. “Your body feels so good,” Christian crooned into Yasuko’s ear.

“Drink from me,” Yasuko begged as Minsheng’s hands stilled Christian.

Christian ran the tip of his fang over Yasuko’s delicate skin and then sank into his neck, drinking deeply at the same moment Minsheng breached him.

Christian and Minsheng found a rhythm as his cock slid in and out of Yasuko. His arms circled Yasuko, pulling him tight as his lips sealed around the bite. He drank deeply before sealing the wound, his taste buds protesting the loss.