Dagon's Ride

Brac Pack 19

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Werewolves
Published: July 01, 2011

Taylor has spent his whole life listening to his mother viciously bash gay people, and his attraction to Dagon has him confused and ashamed.

Dagon is supportive in the wake of his mate’s doubts and insecurities, and he tries hard to convince Taylor that love knows no boundaries. Dagon had hoped Taylor’s older brother, Joshua, who’s mated Dagon’s brother Law, would be enough to convince Taylor to accept who he is, but Taylor still refuses to fully acknowledge his love for Dagon, and Dagon soon grows weary.

Meanwhile, Taylor’s inner demon may be more tangible than anyone could have imagined, and the mates, risking their lives to help Taylor, take off on their most unbelievable adventure yet.



“I don’t want to be there,” he confessed in a childlike voice, hating the fact that he sounded that way. He was a grown man and needed to sound like one.

“Then I’m sorry, but you have to go back.”

The words tore at him, even though he knew them to be true. “I’ll only leave again.”

“No, cachorro. Now someone will be in the shadows guarding your house twenty-four-seven.”

“What?” Taylor jumped up, glaring down at Dagon. “That isn’t fair. You have no idea what it’s like to live with her. Try it. I bet after a few hours you’ll think cyanide poisoning is a better alternative.” He paced back and forth with anger.

“I don’t want to send you there. I’d rather have you with me so that I can protect you better, but we have no choice for the next few days.”

“She doesn’t have to know where I am. Josh could hide me.” Hope sparked in him.

Dagon shook his head, and Taylor knew he was going to lose this argument. That little spark flickered and then died. “That wouldn’t be fair to your mom. No matter how she is, not knowing where your child is, that is a parent’s worst nightmare. I won’t do that to her.”

“Fine, side with her.” Taylor turned around and climbed down the ladder, dropped to his feet, and walked away, ready to get the hell out of here.

He took a step back when Dagon’s brother walked through the barn door. Tryck made him leery. The guy didn’t have kind eyes like Dagon did. His were mistrustful. He watched Taylor walk by, no smile or greeting.

He could hear Dagon climbing down the ladder and catching up with him. “Taylor, I told you it wasn’t safe,” Dagon said as he caught Taylor by the arm and spun him around.

“I’d rather deal with vampires than my mom. What does that tell you?” He yanked his arm away, walking over to Dagon’s bike. Okay, riding on the man’s motorcycle was one thing he did like. It was fun as hell. A small part of him laughed with giddiness at the thought of getting to ride it again.

“Will you talk to me?”

Taylor shoved his hands in his front pockets, kicking at the dirt. “About what?”

“Not running off any more, about keeping yourself safe. Promise me you won’t try to run again.”

“I can’t. If she starts her stuff, I’m outta there.” Taylor watched as Dagon reached into the inside of his leather, pulling out a cell phone.

“I bought a brand new one for you and programmed in everyone in the Den’s phone number. If she starts in on you or talking about Josh, go to your room and call me, or anyone else. Just don’t leave the house.” Dagon held the shiny black phone out to him.

Taylor took it. He didn’t want Dagon to see how excited he was at having his very own. Dagon had tried to give him his own phone before coming back here, but at the time Taylor was too pissed off to take it.

This one was his though. Cool. It seemed trivial with everything going on, but Taylor wanted to play with it and see what all it had and could do. Maybe he could finally get on the internet. They didn’t even have that in his stinking house.

“Come on. Let’s get you home before you’re discovered missing.”

“She called a reverend over to make sure Josh didn’t rub off on me,” Taylor said to the phone, unable to look up at the gorgeous man. His thumb slid over the sleek casing, embarrassed at his mom’s actions. Why couldn’t he have a normal mom that baked cookies and drove them around to soccer practice when they were younger instead of what they had to deal with?

“Man, that’s harsh. Just keep in mind that you have only a few days more of this, and then you can come live at the Den.”

That was the only thing keeping Taylor sane at the moment, knowing he could live with Josh again soon and be around Dagon. Whatever these mixed-up feelings were, he knew being around this man excited him. The guy was fascinating to him and made him feel safe. Taylor didn’t know what to think anymore.

He shrugged, playing it off. “I guess.”

“Come on, cachorro, let’s get you home.”

Taylor climbed onto the back of Dagon’s bike, watching Tryck get onto his. They rode down the dirt road, Taylor bouncing on the back of the bike. This was so much fun. He wanted Dagon to take him on a long trip just so he could spend more time on the back of it. He felt a sense of freedom like no other when Dagon rode him around.

All too soon, they were back at his mom’s. He would never refer to it as home. It didn’t feel like a home should. He climbed off of Dagon’s bike, wondering where the warden was.

“Go upstairs to your room. I’ll take first watch.” Dagon smiled at him, and Taylor’s insides became all knotted up. Maybe it was just some kind of hero worship? The guy seemed to be everything he would want to be. Or it could be idolizing. He wasn’t sure what it was, but the man stayed on his mind constantly since meeting him.

Taylor climbed in the sunroom roof, not wanting to explain to the warden why he was coming through the front door when he was supposed to be in his room, that and the fact he didn’t want to be un-demon-ized. He climbed back through his window, noticing his bedroom door open. So she had come to take him downstairs, not happening. He closed and locked it, and then he sprawled across his bed.


Taylor couldn’t focus. His mind was in a lust-induced fog as he sat so close to the one man that had him questioning everything. The scent of leather and man shrouded his thoughts and made him want things that he never thought to want.

“Please,” he begged softly, unsure at this point what he was begging for. All he knew was that he had a deep ache inside of him to be with Dagon.

For over a month now, Dagon had occupied his every thought, his every dream. Taylor wasn’t sure if it was the adrenaline or the need that was making him so bold.

There was a lightning storm of emotions colliding inside of Taylor. A need so strong to be with Dagon that he tossed all caution to the wind and unsnapped his jeans, pushing his hand deep inside as he tried to relieve the ache that felt as though it were boiling his blood.

Cachorro.” Dagon’s breath grew ragged, his eyes glued to Taylor’s hand. Taylor had no clue where his wanton behavior was coming from, but he couldn’t stop, not now, and not when his blood felt as though it were on fire. He pulled his cock free, squeezing until pre-cum ran down the sides of his fingers.

Dagon’s arm pulled back slightly, and Taylor draped himself across his mate’s lap. Taylor toed his shoes off, hearing them hit the floor and trying his best to rid himself of his jeans. Dagon slid his hand in the waistband, tugging them down and off.

With his cock fully freed, Taylor boldly began to stroke the hardened shaft, unable to look up at his mate, but unable to care that he was lying in a man’s lap as he did it either. He moaned when Dagon’s hand joined his, the strong grip sending pulses of raw need throughout his entire body.

His voice echoed a throaty whine in the quiet room, the callused hand slowly and torturously worshipping his shaft. “Dagon.” Taylor wasn’t sure why he called the man’s name, and he wasn’t sure he would keep his sanity at the moment either.

Cachorro, are you sure you’re ready?”

Taylor couldn’t think right now, let alone answer any questions. He pulled at Dagon’s clothes, wanting skin, needing to be touched in the most intimate way.

Dagon nodded, placing Taylor on the bed and disrobing, pulling Taylor’s shirt free to leave them both bare.

Taylor’s breath hitched, and then his world turned inside out when Dagon rubbed his naked body over his. He spread his legs apart, his groin blazing to be sated. His skin began to buzz with the skin-on-skin contact.

His hands reached up, landing on Dagon’s shoulders, and pulled his mate down to him. Taylor wanted lips, teeth, and tongue. Dagon meshed their lips together, giving Taylor the most seductive kiss he had ever had. He opened as Dagon’s tongue swept in, stealing the very breath from his lungs.

His legs came up and laced around Dagon’s waist, trying in earnest to grind his cock into some part of this fearsome man. His fingers dug into the soft flesh of Dagon’s shoulders, pulling him forward and pushing him back. Taylor was losing his mind.

Dagon’s hands explored his body in such a sensual manner that Taylor thought he would go up in flames. The feeling of a man’s cock against him didn’t repulse him like he’d thought it would. This made him even braver. He grabbed one of Dagon’s hands and guided it down and behind him.

His mate’s eyes locked on to his, his eyes questioning as Taylor bit his bottom lip and nodded.

Taylor hissed when a finger was inserted into him. It felt strange, foreign, and wonderful.

“Relax, cachorro. I will take this as slow as you need me to.”

Taylor nodded, taking a deep breath and exhaling as he unclenched his muscle and concentrated on Dagon’s grassy green eyes.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as his body arched off of the bed when an electricity shower of epic proportions rained down on him. Dagon had rubbed over something inside of him, and Taylor’s world began to spin sideways.

“Fuck, you’re gorgeous,” Dagon whispered.

Taylor lost the power of speech. Fragments of who he was splintered as he came. He grabbed on to Dagon, wrapping his arms around his mate’s neck as wave after wave of seed spilled from him.

Dagon pulled his hand free, Taylor tensing when Dagon grabbed for the lube.

“Look into my eyes, cachorro.” Taylor did, and saw just how deep and dark the green had turned. “Your body is wonderment to my eyes, your smile more beautiful than a hundred angels.” As his mate crooned to him, Taylor felt Dagon breach him. It was the oddest feeling he’d ever experienced. It pinched and burned, and then slowly eased into something more exhilarating than life.

“Oh, god.” Taylor felt Dagon’s cock all the way to his toes. He tilted higher, wanting Dagon to rub that spot again. Dagon’s hands were like manacles as he grabbed Taylor’s wrists and pushed them above his head. He thrust harder, pulling back slowly, allowing that large cock to scrap over his sweet spot, and then rocked back in.
Taylor wasn’t going to survive this.

Dagon pulled free, and Taylor wanted to pummel his fists into his mate’s chest. What the hell?

“Turn over.”

Taylor moved quickly, wanting to feel Dagon back inside of him. His legs almost gave out when Dagon plunged back in, grabbed his hips, and rattled his teeth with the assault on his ass.

Taylor pulled at the sheets, crawling up the bed, needing to escape the blinding pleasure threatening to consume him. Dagon kept pace as he hammered into him, following him up to the headboard where Taylor latched on with nowhere else to go.