Mark's Not Gay
Brac Pack 11

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, Werewolves
Published: May 06, 2011

Mark Forest decides to sell his tattoo shop after he inherits his granddad’s auto shop. When he glides down the highway on his motorcycle to visit his friends after his granddad’s funeral, he finds himself in a small town filled with shape-shifters.

Caden McQueen is only ninety years old and the youngest of the timber wolves, but he holds his own as a sentry who guards the mates residing in Alpha Maverick’s home. Little does he know that Tangee’s very straight friend who blows into town for a few days will turn out to be his mate.

After Caden chases his fleeing mate into the city, he’s attacked by rogue vampires and left for dead. Even so, his biggest problem may be how to get a guy so deep in the closet that he doesn’t even know he’s gay to come out.



Mark walked the halls, sleep eluding him. His growling stomach led him from his bedroom and on a hunt for food. He found the kitchen and made himself a sandwich; Loco did say to make himself at home. Mark began to think of the things he needed to get done as he put the finishing touches on his sandwich.

A call to the shop today was in order. Mark hated to leave it to the head mechanic, Leo. Although the guy had worked for his grandfather for forty years, Mark still liked to keep an eye on things.

A ride out seemed like the right thing to do after the funeral. He was going to miss his granddad. He was the coolest around. Charlie showed Mark everything he knew about how to get around, over, and through an engine. There wasn’t much on a bike or truck he couldn’t fix.

“I wasn’t aware we had a guest.”

Mark glanced up from his engrossed thoughts. He hadn’t heard anyone approach. There was a guy standing there with shoulder-length sandy blond hair and big brown eyes. He was two inches shorter than Mark and was long and lean. “Mark Forester.” He inclined his head.

The man crossed the room and shook his hand. “Caden McQueen.”

“I’m Loco and Tangee’s friend. Just visiting.” Mark bit into his sandwich, wiping his mouth with the paper towel as he chewed.

“Ah, the man who saved Tangee.”

Mark rolled his eyes as he swallowed his food. “Does everyone know about that?”

Caden chuckled. “Not much is unknown around here.”

“Yeah, I got the extended version of introductions from Johnny.”

Caden winced. “Sorry about that. Johnny gets a little excited when meeting new people. He’s come a long way from his former self. He’s a good man though.”

Mark waved his hand at Caden in a dismissive gesture. “I figured as much. No big deal.” He wondered what Caden’s story was, who his mate was. Why the hell did that thought bother him?

“How long are you here for?” Caden asked.

Mark tossed out his food, no longer interested in eating, an uneasy feeling creeping inside of him. He’d never been drawn to a man before, so why was he experiencing unfamiliar feelings right now? “A few days. I have to head back to the city, start working at my shop.” Mark shifted to his other leg, studying the man closely. There was something about him that made Mark want to pull him in his arms.

He rubbed the back of his neck, trying to figure out what was going on inside of him. There was some kind of pull making him take a step toward Caden.

Mark stopped himself and stepped back.

“Oh, what kind of shop?” Caden slid into a seat at the table, watching Mark as if his every word were gospel. This isn’t right was screaming inside of Mark’s head.

“Auto. Trucks and motorcycles. I do specialty work.” Mark slid into the chair across from him. He really did like that someone was interested in his life even if that someone was screwing with his brain patterns.

Isolating himself from everyone around him did get lonely at times, but the fear of them walking away, leaving him, made him keep his distance. Except for Tangee, Mark had let him in, and the guy ended up leaving as predicted. Not that Mark had ever been sexually interested in the guy.

Never a guy—until now.

“We have a bunch of them out front that could probably use a tune-up.”

Mark threw his hands up, laughing. “Hey, I’m on vacation. No trying to put me to work.”

Caden lowered his head, clearly blushing. “Sorry.”

“No big deal, dude. Just trying to relax a few days before all the craziness begins.” Why did it bother Mark that Caden felt bad? “I’m gonna head up to my room. It was nice meeting you, Caden.”

He needed space to breathe, to think. Mark slid his chair in under the table and left the man behind that made him feel things he’d never experienced before.


“Lay still, or I remove it,” Mark warned.

Caden whimpered but did as he was told. Mark pushed the toy in and out at a faster rate, twisting it around as he pumped the vibrator back and forth. Caden humped the bed stiffly, trying his best to obey. Mark gave him slight leeway, allowing his mate the friction to help bring his pending orgasm closer.

Mark’s thumb turned the dial higher, feeling the toy hum faster and vibrate in his hand harder. He released Caden’s cheeks and brought his hand down to the sac between Caden’s legs. Mark ran his fingers over Caden’s balls, rubbing them back and forth to bring the pup closer.

Caden gasped for breath as incoherent words left his lips, his body stiffening then rapidly pumping into the bed as he shook. Caden fell silent, his face peaceful and his eyes unfocused. Mark removed the toy, turning it off before grabbing the base of his own cock to stop the eruption threatening to detonate at the pure bliss radiating from Caden’s face.

“Lift your head, baby.”

Caden’s eyes cracked open, and he obeyed. Mark tapped his cock at his mate’s lips, his mate opening and taking him in. His fingers tightened around the base. His seed wasn’t going to go down Caden’s throat. He wanted it buried deep inside his mate’s ass.

Caden sucked the nerves around the head, twirling his tongue to lap up the pre-come that was leaking heavily from Mark’s cock. For a newbie, Caden was sucking him down expertly. Mark ran his free hand through his mate’s hair, the sandy blond strands running freely through his fingers. “Good boy.”

Caden whimpered and applied a tight seal around his ministrations. Mark damn near lost it even while his fingers tightened around the base. Soon nothing would help, but he wanted to enjoy his mate giving him pleasure just a moment longer. Caden looked up at him with his lips still wrapped around Mark’s cock, lust and need burning in his eyes. Mark took a deep breath and did the hardest thing ever. He pulled away.

Caden’s lips tried to follow, but Mark bent to kiss the swollen beauties before situating himself in the V of his mate’s legs. Mark massaged Caden’s skin, seeing the pink hole now stretched and red. He dipped down, stiffening his tongue before pushing it in.

“Mark, please.” Caden whined.

Mark opened him up, pushing his tongue deeper and thrusting a few times before pulling back, lapping at the tender entrance.

“What does my baby want?” he asked as he licked around the circumference and down to his mate’s sac.

“Fuck me, sir. Fuck me into unconsciousness.”

He rose up, leaning over Caden and grabbing his shaft, lining it up to give his mate what he wanted. “Will you put yourself at risk again?” Mark pushed just the head in, waited a moment, and then pulled back out.

“No, sir, I swear. Never. Now please fuck my ass.” Caden’s head reared back, his pelvis coming off of the bed as he tried to push Mark’s cock back in. The pup was seeking him. His ass was begging to be fucked.

Mark rimmed the stretched flesh with the head of his cock, teasing his mate but at the same time driving him insane. His control was slowly crumbling. The need to take what was his demanded he quit playing around and give Caden what he was pleading for.

Caden pulled at the restraints again, trying desperately to free his hands. Mark took pity on his mate and on his own burning need, sinking deep. Mark wrapped his body around his mate as he pulled back then thrust forward, picking up the rhythm until he felt the familiar sign of his orgasm approaching. Seeing the soft leather that bound his mate drove him to the edge even faster.

Caden bucked as much as he could and cried out, trying his best to impale his ass harder onto Mark’s cock. Mark hitched his hips and drove in deeper, his mate’s ass greeting his cock on every thrust. “Good boy. Ass so tight.” Mark kissed the back of Caden’s neck as he thrust harder. His cock was so hard it made Mark fuck Caden harder. Caden pulled his arms frantically as he writhed under Mark.

Mark pulled his cock until just the head remained and then fucked Caden’s ass in quick bursts, teasing his mate and himself.

“Shove it in hard, sir.”