“Is that what you want, Liam? Me and Bishop?”

Was this a trick question?

Was Jack setting him up for a rude and quick dismissal?

Liam sat there too terrified to say anything. He could lose Jack, and he knew it. The man’s patience was only so much. Liam had been testing it, pushing it, by meeting Bishop in the first place. Liam felt his body trembling as he glanced up into Jack’s beautiful gray eyes.

“What if it was?” Liam wasn’t sure how that damn question slipped from his lips. He quickly looked back down at his now-cold coffee, praying Jack didn’t throw him out. He took a deep breath and braved another question. “Would you hate me?”

Jack walked into the kitchen, taking a seat next to Liam. Jack’s fingers were entwined on the table as Liam slowly raised his eyes. The man didn’t look too pissed. And that confused the shit out of Liam. The guy should be shouting for Liam to get the fuck out and never show his face around here again.

The contemplative look scared Liam.

“To be honest, Liam, I kind of saw this coming.” Jack sat back, his eyes never leaving Liam’s. “My mind has been working this situation out since you told me Bishop wanted to meet with you. I knew that there were three options here. No, four. One, you told Bishop to fuck off. Two, you told me to fuck off. Three, you walked away from both of us.”

“And four?” Liam dared to ask.

“That one I came up with on my way home. Four would be keeping us both. But Liam, four can never work. I won’t sit home knowing you’re having your Bishop time. I can’t do that, Liam. I have patience, but that’s taking it to the extreme, and I won’t allow you to do that to me.”

Liam cleared his throat, praying Jack held on to his patience for a moment longer while Liam ventured into the land of insanity. “I wasn’t thinking of having a separate time with the two of you.”

Jack ran his hand over his stubbled jaw, his eyes telling Liam that he was once again trying to work the problem out in his head. Liam almost flinched when Jack laid his finger under Liam’s chin, lifting it so he could see into his eyes.

Liam felt like he was going to fall apart right here at the table. Jack was demanding with his gray eyes that Liam explain himself. “I don’t know, Jack. Maybe you two could get to know each other, spend some quality time together.” Liam closed his eyes, asking himself if he had really said that out loud. “Never mind. It was a stupid thought.” Liam pulled his chin from Jack, rising to rinse his cup. Jack grabbed his waist, pulling Liam into his lap.

“You want me to sleep with him?” Jack looked stunned. “I won’t cheat on you, Liam,” Jack said with a growl, his eyes narrowing on Liam.

Oh hell, that wasn’t what he meant. Liam was struggling to say the right thing, but it didn’t seem to be coming out right. “Is it cheating if I’m there?”