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Bear County 1 iTunes

After losing it all, Dresden is forced to move in with his uncle. With a two-year-old to take care of, Dresden is increasingly desperate to move out of the drug-infested trailer park his uncle resides in. When he meets a man who offers to not only help him, but his son, Dresden enters a world he never knew existed.


Bear County 2 iTunes

Noah McNeal grew up in Lamont's Trailer Heaven, a place that is nothing but hell for him. The park is drug-infested and any sane man's worst nightmare. When he meets Jedediah Gibbs, Noah falls head over heels in lust. The problem is, Jed won't give him the time of day.


Bear County 3 iTunes

After witnessing a man change into a bear and another giving birth, Sheriff Zackary Sparrow wants nothing to do with Clayton Calabria. He runs into the opposite direction until he pulls Josh Abrams over for speeding. Sparrow can no longer run when the attraction he has toward both men ignites.


Bear County 4 iTunes

Growing up as the son of Quinn McNeal, Milo wants nothing more than to get from under the man's thumb. When Bryson discovers that Milo is on the run from his father, he proposes a plan to stop Quinn from forcing Milo into a marriage he wants no part of.


Brac Pack 1 iTunes

Alpha Maverick needed to get away from pack problems and a killer migraine. Deciding a chai tea was the remedy he visited the local coffee house. What he hadn’t expected was the little man standing undecided at the desert case to be his mate.